In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.

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Pilates is a vigorous full body workout that strengthens and stretches your body simultaneously, making it an extremely efficient practice. If routinely practiced the body will learn how to move efficiently and gracefully. Core strength is the foundation of the Pilates exercise, the focus is on quality of movement rather than the amount of reps performed. This creates strength without bulk. By conditioning the body evenly, no muscles are ever over or under trained, which helps correct muscle imbalances and prevents future injuries. Other benefits include improved posture, coordination, strength, and flexibility.


Hot Pilates

In our mat sequence hot pilates class, participants will learn to develop leaner and stronger muscles, establish core strength and stability, and increase mind-body awareness.[/one_half]


Calories Burn

[bar_graph] [bar title=”Calories Burn ~500 – 700 cal” percent=”60″ id=”b1″] [bar title=”Cardio Intensity” percent=”60″ id=”b2″] [bar title=”Resistance Intensity” percent=”50″ id=”b3″] [/bar_graph] [/one_half_last][divider line=”true”]

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[icon size=”small” image=”icon-info-sign”] EMBRACE YOUR CORE AND KEEP A GOOD POSTURE. Keep your core muscles tight to protect lower back and improve balance. The emphasis is to work with a neutral spine, maintaining the natural curves of your back. This helps strengthen the supportive muscles around the spine.
[icon size=”small” image=”icon-info-sign”] KEEP ON BREATHING.  A proper inhale fuels your muscles with oxygen, and a powerful exhale helps you engage your deep core to protect your spine and support your torso.



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