David Ung Aka Super Dave is a full time yoga and acroyoga teacher based in Vaughan, Ontario. At the age of 13 he started martial arts which fueled his passion and commitment to movement practices. He continued to develop this passion through exploring various sports into adulthood. During his undergraduate studies he majored in Human Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto – the highlight of these years was studying human potential with Dr. John Vervaeke and Dr. Jordan Peterson. Shortly after graduation he went on a spiritual quest of sorts, studying and researching spirituality in all forms. He rekindled his love for movement upon discovering Yoga in 2007.

In 2012 he decided he wanted to share his passion for movement and mindfulness as a yoga teacher and graduated from Yoga Tree teacher training under Jason Lu. One of the pleasant surprises during his training was being introduced to partner yoga by his colleague during lunch time. The seed was planted for what would turn into a full blown obsession for acroyoga. He has completed both the Acroyoga International and Acroyoga Montreal teacher training and also holds his own yearly training in Vaughan as the founder of Acroyoga360. When he’s not “yoga-ing or acro-ing” these days he loves experimenting with practices that pushes him outside his comfort zone like juice fast, cold showers, travelling and engaging in conversations about human potential.


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