Amanda Liu first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2008 in Massachusetts, USA while she was a performing arts student. She initially started yoga for the sake of being fit to look good in auditions, but later discovered that yoga is more than just physical exercise. In 2014, she attended her first teacher training course, Massachusetts. USA. Her yogic path was lit up by a very important yoga teacher, Briohny Smyth, who taught Amanda how to be a responsible teacher while cultivating spirit of love and giving in her heart. Amanda enriches her teaching and yoga experience by learning and teaching in different countries. She created the “Mandarin Yoga” classes (Hatha & Vinyasa flow L1-2 Yoga Instructor) in 2017 in HYM. She developed different types of class to match all participants with different skill levels or different physical conditions. Amanda’s classes are challenging and emphasize in dynamic flow of energy. Her teaching focuses on an inner practice that trains the mind to concentrate and heightens the awareness of a mindful practice. She believes in “you can do much more than you think”, so her classes center around helping students tap into their potential. Her students find that practicing with Amanda helps them connect with their heart, their innate happiness, and their deep sense of serenity. Amanda specialize in Energizing Power Vinyasa flow, which focuses on engaging the core and opening up the hips and front body. She will guide you through this beginner friendly sequenced flow targeted at improving stamina, strength, and flexibility, while synchronizing breath with movement. An one and a half-hour vinyasa flow that will work up sweat, but it will leave you feeling relaxed. We will explore standing and floor postures, such as balancing, inversions, backbends and hip openers positions. 在教学中,Amadna老师注重呼吸,根基,呼吸对于身体层、能量层、意识层的影响以及体式顺位,希望每一位练习者都能以安全的方法慢慢练习,通过瑜伽找到身心的释放与平衡并将瑜伽态度带到生活中。她希望通过自己的教学把瑜珈的益处带给身边更多的人,让更多的人通过瑜珈道路找到真我。 擅长教授: Hot Yoga,Flow, Certificates/Credentials資格認證
  • 200-hour yoga teacher training from Massachusetts, USA, focusing on the Hatha and Vinyasa flows (2014)
  • 20-Hour Inside Flow Yoga 1 with Erika (2018)
  • Aerial Yoga Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training with Ariel Chen, DONZEN Yoga, China (2015)
  • 5-hourDharma Yoga Wheel Teacher Training (瑜伽轮教师培训), Beijing, China (2016)
  • 35-hour Mat Pilates course, Fine Yoga, Beijing, China (2017)
  • 30-hour Aerial Yoga Advanced Course, Song Jiang, Shanghai, China (2017)

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